7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August for the first day of school, I expected 7th grade to be a lot more confusing, difficult to handle, and very overwhelming. Rumors that 7th grade is the hardest year in middle school had been haunting me all summer. But I soon realized, the new grade was not too much different from 6th grade, and the teachers eased into the year just as me and all my classmates did. By October, my life was a routine, I didn’t have to worry about locker combos, getting to class on time, etc. It was time for me to really focus on my studies while trying to excel in sports. Eventually, I figured out that there is lots of time incorporated in the school day for me to get things done. This ultimately made life a lot easier for me; I was stretching myself as much to get things done when I knew there was time I could finish it.

I seventh grade I learned a lot of things like:
– how to write different essays (expository, and narrative)
-about body systems, their structure and functions
-the history of the state of Texas and how it came to be
– part of a whole new language! (Spanish)

As the year comes to an end, I really liked how 7th grade went, it seems to have gone by faster than any other school year yet. I think this was of because of the solid routine I got into at the beginning of the year. If I had to do it over again, I would cherish all the great moments like football and basketball games, track meets, choir concerts, even off-season athletics. I almost forgot the weekends, yeah I would make those last if I got another chance.

My advice to the incoming 7th graders is don’t be overwhelmed by everything thats new. Teachers know how big that the transition is for you. Don’t get into a bad habit of procrastinating and turning in your HW late. That only is hurting your study skills and grade. Also, be yourself, surround yourself with the people YOU want to be with, and not anyone else. Lastly, enjoy the time you get in 7th grade, I know some parts might be a drag, but its a once in a life time thing that you should have unforgettable experiences after. I was super surprised when looking back for this blog post how much had happened this year. Hopefully you feel the same way writing this next year.

Chances for Leadership

I believe there are many chances for students to be a leader in and outside of school. Learning how to lead, I believe, is a more than handy trait that can only be taught through seeing and experiencing it.

I grew up watching cartoons and Superhero movies where most of the time there was some kind of “leader” involved. Whether it be Superman, or Mickey Mouse, there was almost always a leader somewhere. When I got older, I saw how a coach leads a team both through professional and my coaches playing basketball, football, soccer, and lacrosse. It is not much of the technical side of coaching, the x’s and 0’s, that reveal leadership in a person. I believe that its the way coaches encourage you to try your hardest to succeed, the way a coach can really connect and inspire, and they passion they show no matter what is happening is what really defines them as a leader.

You might be thinking, “That made no sense and just wasted 1 minute of my life,” but I really wanted to give a good model for how I describe the chances for leadership. There are many chances to lead in some kind of way, and I encourage everyone to try at their school and or club. But I believe, you have to have a true desire to lead whoever you are; You need a true want to be the person that leads with enthusiasm and passion. That metaphorical great coach everyone imagines. I have big expectations for myself as a leader since I grew up watching such great ones. So I think I finally answer one prompt question, Would you want to be a leader? Why or why not?

Early Bird

Early Bird

Oh, if you’re a bird, be an early bird

And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.

If you’re a bird, be an early early bird—

But if you’re a worm, sleep late.

~Shel Silverstein

I like this poem because I can relate to it being a person who always wakes up early in the morning. It shows how there are advantages to waking up early, not just having to envy the people still at rest. Lastly, I also like how it mentions to catch a worm on your breakfast player because come on… We all are hungry in the morning.

Challenge Week 4 and 5: Media and Memory

Combining week 4 and 5 on the blogging challenge is to write about a special memory and and a thing that was special to you in your childhood. This prompt really sparked a memory of mine about the movie “The Incredibles.”

“The Incredibles” was special to me because I won tickets to it from a local costume contest to see it in the Alamo Draft House. After the first time watching it, I was begging my mom to watch it every day.

The action, drama, great story line, and characters made this movie all a kid could want. Did I forget the good ending? Wasn’t that all you wanted in a movie as a kid ?

“The Incredibles” also had some good life lessons looking back at it. How the family cared so much about each other and protected each other all throughout the movie. Also the life lesson of being a good friend that Fro Zone was to the Incredible family. At least I was getting something out of all the hours I spent watching it.

What State I’m From

Fairs, museums , games, parks… Texas has it all, and that’s where I’m from.

One reason you should love Texas is because of its land. Beautiful land reigns throughout the state including beaches, mountains, plains, and what we like to call “good farm land.” But, a specific example of the Texas beauty is Lake LBJ located in Kingsland, Texas. The lake is anchored with homes, including Lyndon Johnson’s former home, with a great small town feel. The sunset reflects off a mountain in the distance, and a late night boat ride is always encouraged. The feeling you get being there for a while is unbelievable.

Another reason Texas is a great state is because of how modern we are. Most people think that Texas is all cowboys and cattle, but it’s not. Austin, Texas holds a music festival everywhere named ACL that is huge. People around the world come to play and listen to the great outdoor concert. You can get food from food trucks, play a nice game of frisbee, and of course enjoy the endless music while in Zilker Park, where ACL is held. So, if your not a country type person, that doesn’t mean Texas isn’t the place for you.

I could go on and on about what Texas has to offer a person. Those examples were just contrasting the array of things Texas can provide. So next time you are wondering where to go, think about coming to Texas. And don’t forget, everything is bigger, and better, in Texas.

Expository Writing

“Psst, did you hear?” Rumors are spread everyday behind peoples back. They don’t always cause physical pain but rumors can still be very harmful.
​One reason rumors can be harmful is the fact that they can easily be blown out of proportion, including even to the point of homicide. A shocking but true example are the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Women were being unfairly killed because false rumors had been spread about them being ‘witches’. I cannot believe how dramatically rumors can affect someone’s life. The trials show rumors can be insanely over exaggerated.
​In addition, rumors might not always be true. For instance, I had heard a friend attending another school had been expelled. Though, when I consulted him, he had only been suspended. I had believed this rumor and was rather worried for him. Therefore, I know not everything I hear is completely true.
​As a whole, rumors can be harmful for multiple different reasons. Sometimes it pays to not be influenced. Just because you hear it, doesn’t make it true.

Basketball Season End

Today was the last day of the 2013-2014 WRMS basketball season. It was a great time everyday practicing and playing with all of the guys. I’m really going to miss the games, and the early-morning three point contests. The season went by so fast I can’t believe it came to an end tonight. The new experiences of sports through school will be never forgetting. It was different, and it was fun to get used to. Having the added responsibility of the locker room, being there and getting ready on time was very empowering. It really showed me that having a since of commitment and knowing your responsibilities is very important. I can’t wait for next season to get better as a team.

Last Five Seconds of a Championship Game

5 seconds. 5 tiny little seconds parched on the clock. We’ve run this play 1000 times and I know where I’m supposed to go but this is where it counts. Time freezes as I glide into position. Sweat trickles down my face as the inbounder and I lock eyes. The ball floats into my hands as I realized I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. My form tightens as I split-secondly check everything. “What if I don’t make it?” “What if I lose the-

When Do You Choose to Call or Text?

We all know the moment when you decide to whether call or text someone. But by know I bet your asking your self ” Why do I choose to call or text someone?” Our generation is so used to texting instead of calling, but when you open your call log there’s always a couple there.

I think most peoples criteria for a call or text is whether they the matter they are discussing is urgent or not. Although there’s a HUGE range or definitions for “urgent” ; examples of urgent could be having to call your best friend to tell them you just got new makeup, telling all the guys you just got tickets to a sports game, an emergency injury, the classic “I missed the bus!”, and last but not least, ” I forgot something!”

Many have thought texting is more convenient and no matter how important you think the matter is. I’ve always thought that calling can show more true emotion and texting can sometimes not be perceived well. So next time you call someone think of its worthy of a call, or your terms of worthy.

iOS 7

I think most everyone now has of at least seen the new iOS 7 update for apple. There were major changes to the system and how your device looks when you turn it on. There can be ups a downs to this new update. Do you guys like iOS 7 more than iOS 6? Do you think it improves the everyday use of your IPad or IPhone? How do you feel about the new color scheme apple embedded in the system? Comment and tell how you feel about the update.